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2018 Leadership Development Team Registration
  • Program Overview
    • Program Overview We look forward to continuing this tradition and building this amazing program in 2018. A limited number of positions are available to 12 to 18 year-old member youths during the summer programs at the Long Beach Yacht Club. This group of teens will form LBYC’s Leadership Development Team. This group of volunteers supports the Club’s summer Youth Programs by working with those enrolled in Swim and Corinthian programs under the direction of the Program Directors and Coaches. The focus of this volunteer program is to help this age of the Club’s youth develop leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills in the fun yet safe environment of Our Club.

      Overall Structure

      These Leaders will be supporting the summer programs under the direction and supervision of the Directors and Coaches of those summer programs, the organization and oversight of the Leadership Development Team program rests with the Aquatics/Activities Director and Youth Advisory Committee.


      Experience the application and interview process - Each week, Teem Members will attend a seminar-style “meeting.” The content of these meetings will focus on life-sills which separate leaders from followers. These meetings are led by adult volunteers and topics include:

      o Staying Organized

      o How to Motivate Others

      o Connecting with Parents

      o Optional: CPR, First Aid, and Babysitting Training

      o Handling Conflict

      o Positive Motivation

      o Poise and Confidence

      o Mentorship

      o Weekly Program Evaluation

      - Learn to develop leadership qualities through weekly, written self-evaluation

      - T-shirts differentiating the Leadership Development Team from the summer program participants and the coaches (two provided; to be worn each day)

      - Community service hours for school and Scouts

      - Receiving written performance evaluation at the end of the program


      The expectation for each teen is high; this is a group of mentor leaders for tomorrow. LDT members will sign a detailed agreement which covers expectations for this group.


      Written application due to the Front Desk May 8, 2018. Application requires Sponsoring Member signature (member parent or grandparent) and a Supporting Member signature (another member in good standing who supports the teen for this program). - Committee Review of the written application - Applicant will be scheduled for an interview with the appropriate Director(s); interviews will take place May 10th from 4:00-6:00pm at the club. - Weeks following: Selection and Position Assignment and signed Agreement/Summer Training


      A fee of $250 will be charged to the Sponsoring Member’s account. This fee two t-shirts, attendance at the Corinthian Summer Kick-off Party, and weekly classes and materials used for and by the Leadership Development Team.


An Opportunity for Teens to Develop Leadership Skills at LBYC!


Yes, I want to become a part of LBYC’s Leadership Development Team! I want to develop leadership skills and support the Club’s summer Youth Programs by working with the Swim and Corinthian Programs. I understand this application is not a guarantee of placement. I will be notified if I am accepted into the program, and if so, I will receive my assignment the week prior to the start of the summer programs.

Applicant Information

Placement Information

The Club’s summer programs focus on teaching water safety, swimming and how to safely have a great time in the pool, the bay and the ocean. Your participation as part of the Leadership Development Team is an excellent opportunity for you to gain leadership experience and have fun in the sun for the summer with your friends from the Club. This Leadership Team is becoming an important aspect of all of our Youth Programs. The children of the Club look up to you as role models and as experts in all things “water”; the Leadership Development Team is an opportunity for each of you to shine!

In order to best place you in a position you will love, please take a moment to let us know of your interest, skills and previous leadership experience.

I understand I will:

  • Be required to sign a volunteer agreement if I am offered a position. I have been provided a copy of that agreement for review by me and my Sponsoring Member.
  • Be given credit for community service hours worked
  • Leave all electronic equipment at home (cell phones, ipods, DSs, etc.)
  • Smile, have fun, find extra energy, laugh and be a positive role model for young Corinthians!


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