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A Very Successful 2011 FUBAR Odyssey!
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FUBAR Odyssey 2011 could not have been possible without our major sponsors – Costa Baja Resort & Marina, Mexico Tourism Board and SkyMed. We also had dozens of smaller sponsors and not enough room here to honor them. We thank you, all!
On November 8, 35 powerboats and 150 people converged in Ensenada to begin FUBAR Odyssey 2011. There were participants from Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Oklahoma, Florida, Panama and, even, California. It was a very diverse and gregarious group.

Four LBYC boats participated – Almost Alimony, owned by Co-Chairman Don Hudzietz; Helen B2, owned by Jeff and Michelle East; Seajeanie, owned by Frank and Jeanie Gibson; and Watercolors, owned by Barry and Sue Von Hemert.

Most boats departed Ensenada early morning on November 10 for an overnight passage to Turtle Bay, our first fuel stop. Turtle Bay is normally a very calm and protected anchorage, but… the weather changed and we had some wild times at anchor. Three- to four-foot swells and chop with 25-knot winds were the norm. The panga ride ashore for the evening party was, at best, memorable and, at worst, dangerous.
After two peaceful nights, we departed for the infamous Cabo San Lucas. IGY Marinas was our host and they put on a truly wonderful cocktail party complete with a local rock n’ roll band. This was truly a partying group! After two nights, we departed Cabo and headed “around the corner” to a new development – Cabo Riviera. It is a great location with a new harbor, and someday it will be a real destination. They had a beach party awaiting us and the excitement level was very high. A local panga led our boats through the jetty, but a strange thing happened – the second boat to enter ran aground on a sandbar. Evidently, it was not dredged to the depth they thought it was, so we had to go to Plan B and continue to Bahia de Los Muertos.

Los Muertos (Bay of the Dead) is home to Grand Sueno Resort, a truly five-star hotel and resort right on a beautiful sandy beach. Grand Sueno owners hosted us for a beautiful cocktail party and dinner in the “Train Room.” This is about a 30,000 square-foot bar and restaurant with an open ceiling so we could watch the world-class model train collection in operation. A memorable night, indeed. They also invited us to come back the next day to use the pools, tennis courts, beach, gymnasium and other hotel amenities.
The next stop was our last one – Costa Baja Resort & Marina. This is a world-class marina with fuel dock, shipyard, restaurants, hotel, Gary Payer-designed golf course and gracious hospitality. Manuel Aranga, owner of Costa Baja, hosted us with a welcoming dinner upon our arrival in the amphitheater carved out of solid rock. The next night was an American Thanksgiving dinner followed by a showing of his documentary film, “Pacific Challenge,” a film about three balsa wood rafts that sailed from Ecuador to
Australia with nothing but a sextant and compass to prove that centuries ago it was probably done. Friday night we were all invited to hear two world-class Mexican opera singers perform in the amphitheatre. The Costa Baja experience shed a new light on our opinion of Mexico and Mexican culture.
In addition, Troon Golf gave us great rates on their new course, so 16 of us played on Wednesday. Our game was followed by a dinner and cocktails on the golf club patio overlooking the bay and the city of La Paz.
The entire FUBAR Odyssey was a great experience. Our cruisers really bonded and I am sure they will keep in touch wherever their travels take them. Six of our boats are continuing to the Panama Canal and then to the east coast; one will do the Great Loop, and one will turn right before Panama and head for the Marquesas, Fiji and Australia. You missed a GREAT trip. We found Baja California to be very safe, comfortable and welcoming.

We hope you will join us for the 2012 FUBAR Oddyssey!
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FUBAR 2011 Management:

Capt. Ed Cox -- Co-Chairman
Don Hudzietz -- Co-Chairman

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