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      Bill Durant
      Now in its 89th year, the club is known worldwide as the home of the Congressional Cup, the Grandfather of Modern Match Racing.

      We are proud of the many things that make our club the excellent club it is; the many regattas we host, the youth and adult swimming activities that take place in our beautiful swimming pool, our youth and adult sailing programs, and the memorable social opportunities that are launched through our anglers, cruisers, diving, RVers and golf clubs.

      We have exceptional dining facilities and a terrific lounge to swap your boating tales.

      Welcome to Long Beach Yacht Club!

      (L to R) Rear Commodore Charlie Legeman, Commodore Bill Durant, Vice Commodore Camille Daniels, (standing) Port Captain Jon Turigliatto, Fleet Captain Jon Shull

      2018 Flag Officers

      Bill Durant Commodore
      Camille Daniels Vice Commodore
      Charlie Legeman Rear Commodore
      Jon Shull Fleet Captain
      Jon Turigliatto Port Captain
      David Westerfield Jr. Staff Commodore
      Peter Welty, M.D. Fleet Surgeon Ashore
      Rick Adams, M.D. Fleet Surgeon Afloat
      Richard Miller Fleet Captain
      Liz Palmer Bramble Club Secretary
      Jane Thompson Treasurer
      Richard Paice Quarter Master
      Jon Turigliatto Protocol Officer
      Michael Trainotti Judge Advocate
      Andrew Owens Judge Advocate
      David Weil Judge Advocate

      (Front Row) Scott Dixon, Tony Mansour, Lisa Meier, Blair Carty, Laura Watkins Utterback
      (Standing) Bob Snow, John Satariano, Lise Evaul, Todd Leutheuser, Bob Piercy, Scotty Dickson

      Board of Directors

      Blair Carty  Tony Mansour
      Scotty Dickson Lisa Meier
      Scott Dixon Bob Piercy
      Lise Evaul John Satariano
      Todd Leutheuser Laura Watkins Utterback

      Board of Governors

      Mike Elias John C. Fleishman Dave Hood
      David Stotler Bill Green Conrad Banks

      (Front Row) Julia King, Reese Turigliatto, Matthew Petro, Sophia Bloxam
      (Back Row) Jacob Malonzo, Grace Finely, Maya Bergkvist, Téa Satariano, Preston Woodworth

      Jr. Flag

      Matthew Petro Jr. Commodore
      Sophia Bloxam
      Jr. Vice Commodore
      Reese Turigliatto Jr. Rear Commodore
      Julia King Jr. Secretary
      Maya Bergkvist Jr. Treasurer

      Jr. Board of Directors

      Jacob Malonzo Sailing
      Grace Finley Aquatics
      Téa Satariano Historian
      Preston Woodworth Events
  • Management
  • History
    • Celebrating Over 89 Years of Yachting Excellence

      History of Long Beach Yacht Club

      Long Beach Yacht Club began in 1929 as a direct result of an inquiry from the Associated Boating Industries of Northern California about the possibility of a powerboat race between Long Beach and San Francisco. The proposed race would be run during the San Francisco Motor Boat Show, and would provide advertising for the show and the Northern California boating industries. The inquiry was addressed to Daniel M. Callis, Sr., a prominent naval architect active in yacht club committee work.

      The inquiry to Callis, and the subsequent initial race, clearly were the catalysts that led to the formation of Long Beach Yacht Club as we know it today. Another Long Beach Yacht Club might have formed under other circumstances, but those two events started the current Long Beach Yacht Club.

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  • Mission
    • The Mission of The Long Beach Yacht Club is to promote all aspects of yachting in the spirit of good sportsmanship and camaraderie. The Club is committed to creating a Place You Want to Be by blending a friendly social environment with a variety of programs in which members and their families may participate with pride and enthusiasm.

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