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      Charlie Legeman
      Welcome to Long Beach Yacht Club.
      As a 41 year member I am proud that the membership has elected me to be the 91st Commodore of the Long Beach Yacht Club. We are a Club steeped in tradition and proud of our sailing and power boating tradition.

      Our world renowned Congressional Cup has put the Club at the forefront of international match racing. We have been leaders in creating on the water umpiring now used in Americas Cup and all other graded match racing events. As a result of our international stature we are recognized by many world class yacht clubs and have reciprocity with those clubs.

      In addition to our international recognition, we are also recognized for our over 100 racing days on the water in putting on everything from major sabot regattas, to Long Beach Race Week, to Farr 40 Worlds. Our events are all put on by our member volunteers. In addition to our active sailing race schedule, we also participate in a major predicted log race. We also have an active group of cruisers and anglers, some who compete in major fishing tournaments.

      A highlight of our programs are our youth programs. We have a standout Junior Sailing program that operates year around and competes is regattas all year. We also have youth programs and swim programs as well. Our great junior coaches and staff lead the juniors in a professional and caring way.

      Because of all of the great opportunities offered at Long Beach Yacht Club we are one of the premier Clubs in the United States.

      (L to R) Rear Commodore Jon Turigliatto, Commodore Charlie Legeman, ViceCommodore Jon Shull, (standing) Fleet Captain Blair Carty, Port Captain Scott Dixon 

      2020 Flag Officers

      Charlie Legeman Commodore
      Jon Shull
      Vice Commodore
      Jon Turigliatto
      Rear Commodore
      Blair Carty
      Fleet Captain
      Scott Dixon Port Captain
      Bill Durant Jr. Staff Commodore
      Peter Welty, M.D. Fleet Surgeon Ashore
      Rick Adams, M.D. Fleet Surgeon Afloat
      Richard Miller Fleet Chaplain
      Megan Storey Club Secretary
      Scott Meyer Treasurer
      Richard Paice Quarter Master
      Scott Dixon Protocol Officer
      Michael Trainotti Judge Advocate
      Andrew Owens Judge Advocate
      Clif Smith Jr. Judge Advocate
      Shannon Gallagher Judge Advocate
      David Weil Judge Advocate

      (Front Row) Christy Smitheran, Lisa Meier, Tony Mansour, Laura Watkins Utterback, Liz Palmer
      (Standing) Bob Piercy, Randy Beers, Bob Snow, Bobby Frazier, Scotty Dickson, David Murray

      Board of Directors

      Randy Beers Liz Palmer
      Scotty Dickson Bob Piercy
      Bobby Frazier Christy Smitheran
      Tony Mansour Bob Snow
      Lisa Meier Laura Watkins Utterback
      David Murray  

      Board of Governors

      Dave Hood David Westerfield Bill Durant
      Conrad Banks Mike Van Dyke
      Ken Trossen

      Jr. Flag

      Grace Finley Jr. Commodore
      Preston Woodworth Jr. Vice Commodore
      Jacob Malonzo Jr. Rear Commodore
      Ella Trachy Jr. Secretary
      Taylor Dixon Jr. Treasurer

      Jr. Board of Directors

      Stella Rodriquez
      Jenny Ov
      Lynna Ov
      Caitie Karle
      Alex Lech

      Charlie Legeman 
      Monthly Meeting: BOARD MEETINGS

      4th Thursday at 6 pm
      • January 23
      • February 27
      • March 26
      • April 23
      • May 28
      • June 25
      • July 23
      • August 27
      • September 24
      • October 22

      3rd Thursday at 6 pm
      • November 19
      • December 17

      Request for previous Board minutes can be made in writing to Andrea Hart at

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  • History
    • Celebrating Over 90 Years of Yachting Excellence

      History of Long Beach Yacht Club

      Long Beach Yacht Club began in 1929 as a direct result of an inquiry from the Associated Boating Industries of Northern California about the possibility of a powerboat race between Long Beach and San Francisco. The proposed race would be run during the San Francisco Motor Boat Show, and would provide advertising for the show and the Northern California boating industries. The inquiry was addressed to Daniel M. Callis, Sr., a prominent naval architect active in yacht club committee work.

      The inquiry to Callis, and the subsequent initial race, clearly were the catalysts that led to the formation of Long Beach Yacht Club as we know it today. Another Long Beach Yacht Club might have formed under other circumstances, but those two events started the current Long Beach Yacht Club.

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  • Mission
    • The mission of Long Beach Yacht Club is to promote yachting and competitive sportsmanship on a world-class level. Our Club’s premier waterfront location, yachting assets, facilities and programs make it the first choice for our families' social and recreational enjoyment.

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